Canberra community station Radio 2XX ceases transmission due to 'profound' signal problem

Canberra community radio station 2XX has taken the "last resort" step of suspending transmission after months of signal issues.

Acting station manager Adrian Gibbs said the station has been experiencing a "profound problem" with the transmission of the signal between the studios in Civic and the transmitter at Black Mountain Tower since October.

The image that appears on the Radio 2XX Facebook page.

Photo: Supplied

"This was intermittent to begin with but the frequency of episodes has been steadily increasing," Mr Gibbs said.

"The signal has been cutting out while presenters are on air and it's just not acceptable - we can't trust the reliability of the signal line, so we'll stop programming until a solution can be implemented."

Mr Gibbs said a number of volunteers are working behind the scenes to move the station from the existing Telstra line to a temporary 3G solution.

"Our listeners - as well as our presenters and their guests - are devastated," he said.

The station will play back-up music only for the next few days but expects to be back on the air via a 3G signal before the weekend.

Telstra Area General Manager Chris Taylor said he was waiting to speak with station management about the issue.

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