Remember Cooper? Last dog left at RSPCA still hasn't been adopted

His big brown eyes stared into Canberra's soul (and almost broke the internet) last month when it was revealed every dog was adopted from the RSPCA's Canberra shelter during its $29 adoption weekend - except poor Cooper.

But, despite an outpouring of love on social media, the two-year-old bulldog boxer cross is still waiting for his forever home.

There was only one dog left after the RSPCA's weekend clearance sale (dogs and cats for $29), Cooper.

Photo: karleen minney

"They've been people here every day to see him, people were at the gate waiting the day after the story ran, but it still hasn't happened, no one has been suitable," a RSPCA spokeswoman said.

"He's getting plenty of love in the meantime though, I don't think we've ever had an animal this popular, except maybe Chris the Sheep. He's pretty much the only dog here."

Cooper also enjoys showing off his good posture on couches.


But, don't panic Canberra. RSPCA ACT confirmed on Friday there are no plans to put Cooper down and the boisterous pooch will stay "until he finds his home".

The kennels were emptied in February when the RSPCA held its first national $29 adoption drive, offering reduced fees on all animals. RSPCA ACT ran out of available kittens within the first two hours of the record-breaking sale and while just about every animal was carried out the doors, from an obese cat to a rat named Donut, Cooper was left behind.

But he's used to waiting, staff say.

For almost five months, Cooper has been learning from the shelter's behavioural trainer after he was surrendered back in November. He's friendly, young and "attractive", the team gush, although he can be a little, ahem, "forward with other dogs".

'It's not me, it's Canberra': Walter is dismissive of being left behind after the adoption drive.


So is Cooper just too picky?

Staff say he has a lot of energy so he needs someone who shares his love for the outdoors, a fellow fitness addict who can put him through his paces but is patient enough to keep him on track.

"He's a big sweetheart, but he doesn't know his own strength, he needs someone strong, who can hang onto that lead and keep training him," the team said.

"He's not suited to families with children or other dogs."

But, he does enjoy sitting on couches like a person, tummy rubs and (fast) walks on the beach.

Of course, Cooper wasn't the only animal left behind during last month's adoption. There was also a pigeon and a silky hen or two.

And, while we're at it, what about Walter? He's "not a particularly fussy rooster', according to staff, and is "great at bug control and trimming lawns".

What more do you want Canberra?

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