Greek inquiry reveals nothing incriminating in Sinead McNamara death

Greek authorities insist they found no incriminating evidence in their investigation into the death of Instagram model Sinead McNamara, despite the 20-year old’s parents’ doubts over the circumstances in which she died.

The parents of Sinead, who was found tangled in a rope on a billionaire’s superyacht in the Greek island of Kefalonia a week and a half ago, have issued a statement pleading for further investigation of the lead-up to their daughter’s death.

The family's lawyer said Sinead McNamara cried in her last phone call to her family.

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The family have serious doubts about reports from the Greek media that all evidence pointed to suicide. Their suspicions were aroused by a phone call from Sinead less than 48 hours before her death, in which she was crying and talked about an incident involving another crew member.

But sources close to the investigation – which is being carried out by local port authorities and one of Greece’s chief coroners – said nothing they had found during their investigation led to any suspicion of foul play.

The port authorities forensically examined the yacht before it was allowed to leave the island, and reviewed its CCTV footage.

They also interviewed all 23 crew members – though there is the potential to seek supplemental statements after a prosecutor is assigned to the case.

The Mayan Queen IV on which Australian Instagram model Sinead McNamara died.

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Panagiota Kolovou, Argostoli’s Harbour Master, and Port Authority spokesman Nicolaos Lagadianos said they could not reply to any question or release any information as long as the investigation was still under way.

The case is in the hands of Elias Boyokas, one of Greece’s leading chief coroners – who specialises in suicide cases and recently worked on cases from the summer wildfires in Athens.

He is waiting on lab results for toxicological and in vitro tests, which could take another fortnight.

Sinead’s family strongly believe there are "strange" aspects to events on the yacht shortly before their daughter's death, and they want any investigation to fully reveal what happened.

Instagram model Sinead McNamara died in Greece.

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The family also believe the yacht, which belongs to a Mexican billionaire who had left well before the incident happened, was allowed to leave port by investigating authorities before the investigation was properly completed.

The Mayan Queen IV is now berthed in the main port of Mediterranean party island Ibiza. It made a beeline for the island after it was released to set sail by authorities last Sunday.

But a source close to the investigation said the yacht was allowed to leave because there was no incriminating evidence either in the CCTV footage from the yacht, or in the statements of any of the crew members, or from the forensic examination of the vessel, or in the preliminary autopsy results.

The source also claimed they had allowed the yacht to leave in consultation with the Australian embassy in Athens.

Sinead’s family also questioned the amount of time it took for her to reach a hospital in Athens after she was found comatose on the yacht.

Fairfax was told this was partly because Sinead was initially taken to a private clinic which was not part of the state-run health system.

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